Grumpy Little Mini Pig

One thing we’ve learned from Oscar is that mini pigs have definite moods. Oscar has times when he’s curious, some when he’s happy and playful, and others when he is just plain grumpy and inconsolable.

Our grumpy little mini pig.

Many of his moods depend on if he’s had enough sleep or when he ate his last meal, but some are random. For example, we went through a week recently where every other day was a grumpy day. We would have a fun day with him and then wake up the next day to a crabby, squealing pig. It was frustrating because we were putting in a lot of time and effort to bond with him and make him feel safe in our home, and we would randomly wake up to a pig who seemed to hate us. (In a low point, I did an internet search for “why does my mini pig hate me”).

What I’ve learned is that Oscar just has moods, some wonderful and some not so great. In our house, we joke that after 8 pm is like spinning Oscar’s wheel of moods because that’s when he gets tired, grumpy, and less predictable overall.


I used to panic during these grumpy times and worry it was a personality issue or that he was unhappy, but I no longer stress about his grumpy fits. It doesn’t mean that we’re regressing in our bond or our training. Frankly, he most likely needs a nap or to go to bed. His grumpy moments are when I remind myself that he’s still a baby and needs some extra love and patience and then I can laugh at his adorable grumpy face instead of getting upset.

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  1. I’m actually very glad to read this as I’ve just adopted 2 grown pot bellied pigs who seem to have some moods as well. I actually started this search with the words “my pig doesn’t like me”… lol

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