Mini Pig Oscar’s New Screaming Noise (with Sound Recording)

When we decided to get a mini pig, we had no idea how loud pigs can be. Mini pigs are noisy pets and adjusting to that has been one of the toughest parts about owning Oscar. If you aren’t sure what types of noises mini pigs make and would like to hear them, check out my previous post about mini pig noises where Oscar was kind enough to provide sound clips.

This past week, Oscar started making a new noise. He started screaming! Here is a video of Oscar’s screaming sound.

Here’s an audio file of Oscar’s screaming if you prefer.

Oscar mostly makes his screaming sound at night before bed. He wanders around screaming while he walks, which is entertaining but also loud and disruptive. I’m not entirely sure why he’s screaming all of a sudden, but my best guess is that he’s simply tired and grumpy. Once he is tucked into his crate, he calms down and goes to sleep.

One thing I’ve learned about Oscar is that he’s just grumpy sometimes. He has definite moods, although his moodiness is less noticeable as he gets older. I used to take his moods personally, but now I’ve learned that they’re just part of his personality. Even though his screaming is new, Oscar has always been fussy after about 8 pm when he’s tired but doesn’t want to go to bed yet. Since we know he can be more difficult to deal with late at night, we don’t stress about his fussiness and just tuck him in early if necessary.

Mini pig noises can be frustrating, but I’m also surprised at how many of them have grown on us. Oscar’s screaming is loud, but it’s hard not to laugh at the strangeness of a little pig walking through the house screaming. There’s something adorable about him being so tired and grumpy that he just screams. We learn more about Oscar every day, and I’m curious to see what new noises he makes in the future!