Mini Pig Oscar Loves to Run, Run, Run

When we were considering getting a mini pig, I assumed a pig would be slow moving and hate running. I was actually a little relieved that I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting loose or running away like I do with our dogs.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Mini pig Oscar loves to run around outside, and he’s so much faster than I thought a pig would be. We take a little family “walk” each morning so that Oscar can get some exercise, but he prefers to eat grass, then sprint to catch up with the family, then eat more grass, then sprint to catch up again. He hates to get too far away from the family which is comforting for me, but I am constantly amazed at how fast he can move.

Here is a video of Oscar running to catch up with us on our morning walks. 

Dog vs The Bumblebee

Oscar’s dog brother, Liam, has been in a constant battle lately with a brave bumblebee. Day after day, Liam goes outside to sit in the sun on the patio and rests until the bee comes over and buzzes around his head. When Liam can’t take it anymore, he rushes up and jumps and air bites at the bumblebee until he’s too exhausted to continue. Then the bumblebee flies off (laughing I assume) and the cycle continues the next day. I don’t have the heart to tell Liam he’s never going to win.

Mini Pig Oscar Loves His Treat Ball

One of Oscar’s favorite ways to eat dinner is from his treat ball. The first time we put food in the ball, it took him a little while to figure out how to get the pellets out. Now, he’s a pro and loves rolling the ball around until he gets every last bite out. Along with feeding him in his ball pit, the treat ball is another fun way to keep our mini pig stimulated and challenged.

We use the IQ Treat Ball and love it. We simply put his food pellets in the treat ball, set the opening to the desired width (which is adjustable each time), and set it down for him to roll around.

Here is a video of Oscar rolling the ball around to get his dinner out. We realized he was so excited to get the food out that he was sliding around on the floor too much, so now we only give him the treat ball if he’s in his play pen or on carpet where he has more traction to avoid hurting his little legs.

Oscar Turns 3 Months Old and Gets Popcorn to Celebrate!

Oscar just turned 3 months old! We let him celebrate by trying popcorn for the first time. Since we didn’t want any salt, butter, or oil on his popcorn, we air popped it by putting corn kernels in a brown paper bag and microwaving it. It was quick and easy, and now we have a new treat we can give him. I always pop too much, so I eat the leftovers which makes it a win-win.

Now that Oscar is 3 months old, we have our routines down and are really enjoying him. There are fewer frustrations, and we are seeing his personality more; he is fun to have around the house and constantly entertains us with his curiosity. Happy 3 months to Oscar!

Watch as Oscar tries popcorn for the first time.

Mini Pig Oscar Loves Sunshine and Belly Rubs

Mini pigs love belly rubs, and Oscar is no exception. As soon as we learned that Oscar loved his belly rubbed and scratched, it became a great way for us to bond with him. Since mini pigs take a little longer than other animals to trust people, belly rubs and scratches allowed him to relax around us and let us love on him.

Oscar will take any belly scratch he can get, but one in the sunshine is the best way to start the day.