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Mini Pig Oscar Gets to Eat His First Baby Carrot

Oscar got to eat his first whole baby carrot. It was a little tough to grab on to, but I think he liked it.

Mini Pig Oscar’s First Grape

Grapes are popular treats for mini pigs, and Oscar finally got to eat his first one. Watch as Oscar eats his very first grape. It was a little slippery!

Oscar’s First Foods Series!

Oscar is very excited to announce his new video series, Oscar’s First Foods! For the past few months, we have mostly fed Oscar his Mazuri food pellets with Cheerios, freeze dried peas, and grass for treats. As nervous first-time pig parents, we wanted to get him settled before trying new foods and snacks.

Now that we feel more confident, we are ready to let Oscar taste new foods. We are introducing new foods a little at a time so we don’t overfeed him, but it’s been really fun to let him explore.

Oscar’s First Foods series includes videos of him trying new foods, and he will also get to pick his favorite out of several foods at once so we can see what he likes most. Enjoy!

DSCN1561 - Edited for FB