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Mini Pig Oscar’s 4 Month Weigh In

Oscar turned four months old this week! Time is flying by, and it’s bittersweet that he’s growing so quickly. On one hand, we are seeing more and more of his personality as he gets older. On the other hand, I’m going to really miss our cuddle times when he is too big to fit in my lap!

We are feeling more bonded with Oscar every day, and I never imagined I would love a pig this much! In the past month, Oscar learned to sit and seems to have his potty training down. We have figured out our routine enough that he squeals when he needs to go outside. Squealing isn’t my favorite sound, but I’ll take it when he’s trying to communicate with me instead of having an accident.

Oscar also tried some new foods this past month. He ate his first grape (slippery!), baby carrot, and strawberry (also slippery!).  Other than that, he still eats his Mazuri Mini Pig Youth food and every piece of grass he can. When I can convince him to stop eating grass, he goes on short walks with me to get some exercise.

At four months old, Oscar came in at 10.5″ tall and 12.5 pounds. You can see his previous weigh in here.



Mini Pig Oscar’s 3 Month Weigh In

Oscar recently turned three months old, and he’s really showing his personality and curiosity! He’s been so much fun lately. He is still eating his Mazuri mini pig food and is supplementing it with a good amount of grass that he grabs by the mouthful when he’s outside. When he’s being good, he gets some Cheerios and freeze-dried peas for treats. He also runs around with us outside and stays pretty active until he crashes around 8 pm.

He’s growing up so quickly, so we’re really cherishing these days when he’s small and can easily cuddle up with us. At three months, our little Oscar came in at 10.5″ tall and 10 pounds.

Oscar 3 Month Weigh In - Edited for Website
Oscar’s 3 Month Weigh In

Oscar 3 Month Weigh In 2 - Edited for Website

Oscar’s First Vet Visit and Weigh In

We took Oscar to the vet for the first time, and he had a great checkup! Before we decided to get Oscar, I called around to make sure there was a veterinarian in our area who specialized in mini pigs. It was a little awkward for the times when I called and asked, “Do you treat miniature potbellied pigs?” and the person on the other end of the line hesitated for a while and said no. But, when I finally found one and they seemed eager to meet our future pig, it was a huge relief and worth the effort of calling around.

A week after we picked Oscar up, I took him to that vet for a basic checkup to make sure he was in good health. I was worried he would squeal in the waiting room, but he actually fell asleep in his crate and only awoke occasionally to make snorting sounds. A few people there with dogs asked, “Is it okay if I ask what kind of animal you have in your crate?” and I was more than happy to answer their questions about my little guy. Also, this vet visit is when I decided I had the best mini pig crate because I could open the top and let people see him without risk of him running out of the front-opening door.

Oscar in the waiting room for his first vet visit
Oscar in the waiting room for his first vet visit

Aside from some anticipated squealing during the exam, Oscar was great during the visit. The vet was so helpful and answered all of my nervous first-time pig mom questions (I had a ton after just a week!). I’ll admit I was relieved that the veterinarian was helpful and friendly because we have limited mini pig vet options in our area!

I didn’t get a height on Oscar at this visit because he was nervous and squirmy, but he weighed in at 7 pounds at 6 weeks old. He was so tired after his first vet visit, but I was happy to know I had a healthy boy!

Watch Oscar Grow!

Oscar is growing so fast right now, so I’ve decided to devote a section of the website to updates on his size. Every few months, I will report back with his height and weight so that we can all watch him grow from a piglet to a happy mini pig.

I realize that mini pig weights can be a sensitive topic, so I want to make clear that I’m doing this for the fun of watching him grow and for no other reason. We absolutely adore Oscar and will love him no matter if he ends up being 40 or 200 pounds. His personality and spunk are what we love about him, not his size.

With that said, enjoy watching Oscar as he grows into a happy, healthy pig!

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