Cleaning Mini Pig Accidents: Products We Use

Mini pig Oscar potty trained quickly, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t dealt with accidents. Most of Oscar’s potty accidents happen after he drinks more water than he can hold or when we don’t get him outside in time. Cleaning up after any pet’s potty accident is important, but it’s particularly important for mini pigs. If the scent isn’t completely removed, a mini pig will continue to have accidents in the same spot. For that reason, it’s important to use products that will not only clean the accident, but also remove any remaining scent.


Before we brought Oscar home for the first time, I stocked up on pet cleaning products. My goal was to keep our house clean, of course, but I also didn’t want to leave any lingering scent that might make Oscar think anywhere inside was an acceptable place to potty. My biggest fear was that baby Oscar would have an accident and then continue to go in the same spot due to a lingering odor that he could smell but we couldn’t.

I’ve been really happy with the products I bought initially. We haven’t had repeated accidents in the same spot, so I feel like the products have done a great job of completely removing the scent. If you’re looking for some products to help clean up mini pig accidents, here are the ones we use and that I recommend. You’ll notice they are all OdoBan products. I got on a kick, but I ended up genuinely loving them.

1) OdoBan Pet Oxy Stain Remover. This is my favorite cleaning product to remove mini pig accident odors and stains. I have used this on carpet, rugs, and sealed hardwood floors with no problem, although always make sure you test it in an inconspicuous spot before applying on a larger area. I recommend having this on hand when you first bring your mini pig home so that you’re prepared for any accidents. We have gone through two bottles in a few months, and it’s affordable and easy to use. The only downside is it can be tough to find; the only place I have found it so far is Home Depot.

OdoBan 32 oz. Pet Oxy Stain Remover

2) OdoBan Disinfectant Odor Eliminator and All-Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Scent. I use this product after the above stain remover to disinfect the accident area. It also acts as an odor remover and gives off a nice lavender scent. I am paranoid about any pet odors in the house since we have a mini pig and two dogs, so I use this in many different ways to keep our house smelling nice. I spray it on the pet beds when I put them in the wash, add a little to my mop water, use it to clean out crates, etc. I prefer the concentrate so that I can dilute it as much as I want, but they also make ready-to-use spray bottles. If you don’t like lavender, it comes in eucalyptus and cucumber melon.

3) OdoBan No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner. This is what I use to mop our sealed hardwood floors. There are tons of products on the market for mopping, but I feel like this one helps with pet odors. Since our pets walk around and sleep on our floors all day, I’ll take anything that helps reduce odors. I’m happy with how our floors look after I mop them, and it’s easy to use. I buy the concentrate and dilute it in a spray bottle. Then I spray a little on the floors and mop up with our old Swiffer. It’s not the fanciest mopping method, but it makes touch ups easy in case we have any accidents between my normal mopping times and is easy to stop and start back up if I have interruptions (the phone rings or there’s a mini pig in the pantry).

OdoBan 128 oz. No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner

4) OdoBan Solid Odor Absorber. I really love these, and they help me feel less paranoid about pet odors in our home. I was on an OdoBan kick and grabbed a few of these on my way out of the store thinking they probably wouldn’t do much, but I’m so happy I tried them. I keep one in our mud room and one in our garage. When we moved into our home several months ago, the garage had a really strong, unpleasant pet odor. The previous owners had pets who lived in the garage, so the odor had built up over a few years. We cleaned and aired the garage out which helped but still left some of the smell. I put the solid odor absorber in there, and we finally got rid of the smell completely. The scents we use are liquid sunshine and eucalyptus and wildflower, but there are several other options.

OdoBan 14 oz. Liquid Sunshine Solid Odor Absorber

OdoBan 8 oz. Eucalyptus and Wildflower Solid Pet Odor Absorber and Air Freshener

If you’re getting accidents completely clean and your mini pig is still having repeated accidents in one spot, there are some tricks you can try. Mini pigs don’t like to go in the same place that they eat and sleep, so moving their food bowl or bedding to the target spot can help discourage accidents there. If the repeated accidents are on a rug, removing it for a while or moving it to a different area of your home can also discourage your mini pig from going in the same spot.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if you have product recommendations that have worked for you!

Note: I don’t have a relationship with OdoBan and simply have had good luck with their products. Some of the links, however, are affiliate links meaning I earn commissions on sales referred through those particular links.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Mini Pig Accidents: Products We Use”

  1. Hamlet has all of a sudden out of nowhere started having accidents outside of his litter box. We haven’t changed anything and are genuinely confused about this new behavior. Honestly the only thing at this point that we can think of is that he’s going through a “toddler” phase and pushing us to see how far he can go with things. Any suggestions are welcome and I’ll keep you updated.

    1. It’s very possible he’s going through a toddler phase and testing you. They’re a little too smart for their own good like that. 🙂 However, I would first make sure to rule out a UTI since that can be the cause of frequent accidents in a potty-trained pig. If he’s healthy and a UTI isn’t the issue, try as much as you can to not give him attention when he has an accident outside of his litter box. A lot of times they will try to get attention, and they get the most “rise” out of us when they do something bad and then start repeating that behavior because it’s working to get attention. When Oscar goes potty in the house, I will usually say “bad” but not get excited and then he goes in his “time out” crate. The only time he goes in that specific crate (which he doesn’t like because it’s an older one and doesn’t have his fluffy bedding) is when he’s done something wrong. I only leave him in there shortly to make a point (he’s quiet as a mouse when he knows he’s been bad…which is frustratingly adorable…haha). So, instead of attention, he gets put in time out for a while and then life is calmly back to normal. I’m definitely not an expert, but that’s what I do to try to let him know what he did was wrong without giving too much attention to him and reinforcing the behavior. Definitely keep me updated!

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