Mini Pig Oscar Celebrates Rylee’s 11th Birthday!

It’s Rylee’s 11th birthday! We started off Rylee’s birthday with a long walk, followed by a nap, and then we kicked off her real celebration. I wanted something special to celebrate Rylee today, so she got to eat some frozen yogurt and a birthday cookie. I stumbled upon some frozen yogurt made for dogs that both Rylee and Oscar could eat, and I was really excited to let them try it. It’s The Bear & The Rat’s Banana Peanut Barker frozen yogurt, and both Rylee and Oscar loved it!

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_36-33

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_37-94

Overall, the celebration was a success! Here is a video and some pictures below to recap Rylee’s big day. Oscar was super sneaky and managed to steal Rylee’s birthday cookie at one point in the video but, don’t worry, I saved an extra for her to make up for it.

Happy 11th Birthday to my very first dog. You have been with me through so many changes, and I am forever grateful for your constant, trusting love. Happy Birthday, Rylee!

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_37-32

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_37-125

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_36-22

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_37-128

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_37-143

Rylee 11 Birthday_20160815_36-39

4 thoughts on “Mini Pig Oscar Celebrates Rylee’s 11th Birthday!”

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, you’re definitely not alone. Although, I had a humble moment when I bought Rylee’s birthday shirt from the toddler section at Target. Since I had a bunch of birthday decorations also in my cart, the person at the checkout asked me who the birthday was for. I’m terrible at lying or thinking quickly on my feet, so I tried to come up with something and then, after taking too long, just admitted it was all for my dog. Fortunately, he was very kind about it, but I felt pretty silly for a second! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Haha…I know! He’s pretty sneaky like that, but at least Rylee was nice and just let him have it. Sometimes she battles him back on things like that. I was pretty sad for her but didn’t want to interrupt their video. Fortunately, I planned for that possibility in advance and bought her an extra! 🙂

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