Mini Pig Oscar Loves the Sun Spot

Now that Oscar is free to roam the house, he can spend his days doing what he pleases. When he was younger, that meant wandering around all day since he hated to nap and threatening to nibble on cardboard box corners and shoes. He never got into too much trouble, but I had to constantly be on my toes making sure he didn’t eat something dangerous or potty in the wrong place.

Oscar loves to nap in the sun spot lately.

He’s really showing signs of growing up lately, and these days he mostly chooses to nap in the sun spot. He follows me around and “helps” me cook sometimes, but he calms down and will nap when I’m trying to focus on something and need some peace and quiet. He seems to enjoy just being in the same room with us and the dogs, especially if that’s near the sun spot.

Napping in the sun spot is even better with his big brother is nearby.

Oscar has been so well behaved lately! I worry that this is the calm before the storm, but we’ll find that out soon enough. For now, I’m just enjoying it. He’s much calmer and quieter than just a few months ago, and we are loving every minute with him.


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