Mini Pig Oscar’s 7 Month Weigh In

Oscar is 7 months old! We had so much fun this month watching as Oscar settles into his personality and figures out the world around him. This month was the start of Oscar’s first Fall, and he spent most of it finding ways to stay warm. His biggest discovery was the heat vent, his new favorite place when it’s cloudy and the sun spot isn’t available. He also has some new clothes to wear when it’s chilly.


Oscar made great progress this month in his relationship with his dog sister, Rylee. She still snips at him sometimes, but they have started sharing Oscar’s new bed for naps in the sun. Oscar also dressed up for his first Halloween and tried pumpkin and beets for the first time.

Oscar grew mostly in height and length this month rather than in weight, so we have added some healthy snacks to his diet to make sure he’s getting plenty to eat as he grows. Also, I added a length measurement (from snout to rear) this month so we can watch as he gets longer. At 7 months old, Oscar came in at 17.2 pounds, 14″ tall, and 22″ long.




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  1. Hi, what do you feed Oscar? I just got a mini pig and she is almost 8 months. She is overweight, and I want her to lose the excess weight and be healthy and happier.

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