Mini Pig Oscar’s One Year Weigh In

Oscar is one year old! Oscar celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago with a fun and delicious party. Now that he’s one, he’s really keeping us on our toes. We officially have a toddler mini pig, and he’s busy, busy, busy all day. He’s more curious than ever and wanders around the house most of the day checking everything out and getting into anything he can.


While it has been fun to have a more active mini pig, it has also been more tiring. I constantly worry about Oscar chewing on or eating something dangerous, so I follow him around making sure he’s not chewing on cables or discovering toxic foods in the pantry. This is definitely a new stage for us with Oscar, so I plan on writing more about his toddler phase as we experience it.

Oscar is also really enjoying Spring lately. Now that it’s warm out again, Oscar loves getting outside, rooting around and exploring. The grass is green again, so he’s back to eating grass, which makes him happy. Even though he’s keeping me busier and more anxious than usual with all of his (potentially dangerous and toxic) explorations inside the house and out, it’s fun to watch him wander and experience the world around him. Sometimes it’s even a good reminder for me to stop and take time to wander and explore with him.


Now that he’s a year old, I often look back at his baby pig days and reflect on our journey with him so far. Although he was adorable as a piglet, I don’t miss those early days as much as I thought I would. I enjoy the bond we’ve built and being in more of a routine with Oscar. He still has the curiosity that I loved so much when he was a piglet, but his personality has really developed and shows through more than when he was a baby. I’m curious (and a little terrified!) to see where the next chapter with Oscar takes us as we adjust to life with our toddler mini pig.

At one year old, Oscar is 28 pounds, 26″ long, and 16″ tall.




6 thoughts on “Mini Pig Oscar’s One Year Weigh In”

  1. Oscar is so cute!!! Elvis weighed in at 24.8 lbs on Tuesday and hes 4 months old. I love reading your blogs for new info and just so Im reminded Im not alone

    1. Thank you! I hope Elvis is doing well! They’re so cute at that age. 🙂 Oscar has had a few jumps in weight the past few months, so I’m curious to see how big he ends up being when he’s full grown. Interestingly, the blog helps me feel not alone too…haha. It’s always helpful to know other people are out there reading along and having similar experiences!

  2. Unless he has a major growth spurt in the next year, I think Oscar will be a small pig. But, I’ve read they don’t stop growing till 3 years old and some say even 5, so you never know. Is Oscar a runt?

    I agree with what you say about having a bond and a routine now that he’s older, but I miss being able to cradle Elmer in my arms, but he’s still just as cute to me now as when he was a piglet.

    1. I agree about Oscar’s size. We have been increasing his food over the past few months and keeping an eye on his size just to make sure he’s getting plenty to eat. We use the body size chart I’ve seen online that shows their sizing from the back end, so we’re constantly saying, “Is he a 3? Is he a 2? Maybe he’s a 4?” Haha…this is a weekly conversation in our house just to make sure we’re not over or underfeeding. I don’t think he’s a runt, but I’m really not sure. From the pictures we saw of him and his litter mates, they looked to be about the same size.

      I can totally understand you missing being able to cradle Elmer in your arms. We kind of cuddle next to Oscar these days rather than holding him, so I miss that some too. As he grows, that will definitely be the hardest part. 🙂

    1. Thank you! He had a great birthday! He’s actually smaller than we expected so far, but he’s also starting to fill out a bit so I’m curious to see how big he ends up being when he’s full grown. We love seeing pictures of Rosie and especially her new Rosie logo. Such a fashionable model! 🙂

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