Mini Pigs Foam at the Mouth

The first time Oscar foamed at the mouth, I panicked. Animals aren’t supposed to foam at the mouth, right? Did he have rabies? As it turns out, it’s perfectly normal for mini pigs to foam at the mouth.

Oscar Foaming at Mouth 2.JPG
Oscar foaming at the mouth.

Mini pigs foam at the mouth in anticipation of food. The main times Oscar foams are 9 am and 5 pm when he’s decided it’s time for him to be fed. Oscar also foams at the mouth when he gets a treat, wants a treat, or thinks he should get a treat. For Oscar, this means he foams at the mouth frequently throughout the day.

It’s useful to remember that guests in your home aren’t used to the mouth foaming and might benefit from an explanation. When Oscar was 8 weeks old, an air conditioner repairman came to our home. It took the man a minute to recover from the surprise of seeing a miniature pig in a play pen, and that was only made worse by the fact that Oscar was staring back at him with foam hanging out the sides of his mouth. Once I realized what was going on and reassured the man that I had a hungry mini pig rather than a rabid one, he seemed to relax. Now that I’m prepared for the situation, I hope to be more eloquent than “He doesn’t have rabies. Promise.”

Oscar Foaming at Mouth 1


15 thoughts on “Mini Pigs Foam at the Mouth”

  1. Thank you so much for this website. I look at it often. I am a new mini owner and I refer to your site often. You are in a way helping me raise my Pamela Hamderson. Thank you so much again.


    1. Hi Jaeson! Thank you so much for your kind comment and for letting me know the blog has been helpful. I really appreciate it!

      1. I love your website! You have answered so many of my questions, particularly with pig bonding. I just got my mini pig and just like you experienced she runs from me and won’t let me touch her. I got really down and thought she hated me and maybe getting a pig was a mistake. I’m so glad I found your page and read you post, it gave me hope and comfort! And it makes complete sense now about the foaming. When she’s particularly hungry or treat bound she foams. Thank you for sharing all your experiences!

      2. Ty so much I just had a pig show up in my yard I took him in and named him bacon looks just like the picture u have do u know what kind of pig he is and any suggestions on how to stop him biting and any suggestions on what u should be feeding him any thing u can suggest to me on raiseing him and training him would be appreciated

  2. My Ellie Mae foams every time she see me and only me for I guess she knows a treat is on her way . Sometimes when she smells a better treat she foams uncontrollable ! Thank you for letting me know why she foams at the mouth
    Jim winters

  3. Our pig has been pooping in her food bowl. We cant figure out why. She does it know matter where we put it! Any ideas?

  4. My mini pig keeps making this sucking noise, she will walk around the house sniffing and sucking on everything. The carpet, the couch, your clothes. She developed a foam at the mouth. I’ve tried to get her to drink water thinking its because shes thirsty. I don’t know how to get her to stop. She us about 2-3 months old.

    1. Teething give her a strip of sheet to chew on my pig would shred hie sheets for this purpose also liked chewing gum and popscycles at this stage.

  5. Talk about pig sounds and noises – ellie mae was raised with dogs so guess what – she barks and growls – she doesn’t squeal , the other noise she makes and is loud is her snoring – drowns out the tv or when a normal conversation with someone lol- but that’s my baby even tho she is 9 years old .

  6. Is it normal for my mini pig to be drooling while sleeping. When she wakes up the spot where she was laying is wet an no it is not pee. This is something that she just started doing not sure why.

    1. I’m having the exact same issue with my “Trouble”….. just started happening. Trying to figure it out.

  7. My Ellie Mae has a brownish discharge around her eyes and it runs like tears down her snout leaving a brown stain . Does anyone else have same problem and what did you do to help to stop it ? Is it a infection? Help me please piggy owners .

  8. Ditto on drooling while asleep. It just started in the last month. Her bed and the floor is soaked.

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