Move the Pig Example with Mini Pig Oscar

I recently wrote a post about using Move the Pig to deal with mini pig aggression and biting where I discussed how MTP has improved Oscar’s aggression and biting tendencies. After publishing that post, I received some requests to do a video on how we use Move the Pig, so Oscar and I made a video to share a demonstration of what MTP looks like for us.

Here is the video of us using Move the Pig. It starts out with a brief discussion of Move the Pig and then includes two examples of us using our interpretation of MTP. There is also some Oscar cuteness at the end of the second example as his reward for moving quickly and immediately after being asked.

Please keep in mind that this is simply how I’ve interpreted Move the Pig based on my research. I’m not an expert on Move the Pig, so please do your research on MTP to make sure you understand the technique before using it on your pig. I mention this a few times in the video because it’s a really important point for a pig owner’s safety when using the technique. Move the Pig techniques can vary depending on the severity of your pig’s aggression. Since Oscar’s aggression isn’t severe and since he’s still small enough that I can control him pretty well, I use some lighter MTP techniques. However, the technique I use with Oscar might not be safe for an owner of a larger, severely aggressive pig. In more severe situations, owners are often advised to use a board between them and the pig for safety. So, do your research first and decide which particular techniques are best for your pig in order to do MTP in a way that’s appropriate and safe for you and your pig.

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