Oscar Eating Dinner from His Ball Pit

We enjoy finding creative ways to feed Oscar. Feeding him in different ways keeps him busy and entertained; it also occupies him for longer than when he just eats out of a bowl, giving me time to catch up on a few things.

One of our favorite ways to feed Oscar is in his ball pit. We originally made a ball pit for him so that he could root around for treats, but feeding him entire meals in it has worked well. He will run to his ball pit in the morning waiting for food and will sometimes just jump in and root to make sure he didn’t miss a piece during a previous meal. He seems to enjoy rooting around for his food, and we enjoy watching him as it’s very entertaining.

Watch as Oscar eats dinner in his ball pit.

4 thoughts on “Oscar Eating Dinner from His Ball Pit”

  1. I think I have been scammed.. I have put a deposit down but not sure if I want to follow threw with them. Where did you receive your baby from?! Please help. Thank you

  2. Where did you get oscar from? Most people just sell pot belly and say mini pig or teacup. I want to make sure I can avoid getting scammed.

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