Mini Pig Teeth Grinding

Oscar has started grinding his teeth. During our first few weeks with Oscar, he would grind his teeth occasionally but just enough to be cute. Now that he’s a little older, he grinds his teeth frequently throughout the day.

If you’ve never heard a mini pig grind his teeth, here is a video of Oscar doing his daily teeth grinding. It’s not the most pleasant sound, but hopefully this is helpful if you’re considering getting a mini pig and want to know what it sounds like.

Mini pigs grind their teeth for several reasons, including pain, stress, anxiety, and even contentment. Also, mini pigs get three sets of teeth throughout their lives, so teething and thus teeth grinding is common and normal for them.

I expected the mini pig teeth grinding sound would really annoy me, but it doesn’t yet. I notice it and would prefer he not grind his teeth, but it’s mainly just background noise at this point. It’s possible he is grinding his teeth because they hurt, but he seems to grind them mainly for contentment. He grinds his teeth mostly when he’s cuddling or napping, so it actually makes me a little happy when I hear the grinding sound because I know I have a comfy, content little pig.

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  1. i have a four month old female, named bean. she has been so sweet so far. i did my home work before i got her, but nothing prepared me for owning a pig. your blog has been a huge help. i look forward to learning more. thank you for all your information.

    1. Hi Collette! Bean…what a cute name! I completely understand your comment about doing your homework but nothing really preparing you, as I can 100% relate. Owning a pig is definitely a learning process! Thanks for letting me know the blog has been helpful!

  2. How long do mini pigs cut teeth? It’s all the sudden seems like our dixie has gotten grouchy when we pet her jaw and ear?? She us 6 months old. She does a lot of teeth grinding. We have only her 2 weeks. Also, are there any good teething toys?

    1. Hi Crystie! Unfortunately, in our experience, they seem to cut teeth for a long time. Oscar has been teething off and on for at least 6 months to a year. We have also had trouble with Oscar not liking to be touched by his jaw. More specifically, he hates being touched on the right side of his face. I have no idea why that place is the issue, but we’ve had him checked by a vet and tried all kinds of behavioral changes to “fix” the issue with no luck. Honestly, it’s one of those things we’ve kind of just accepted at this point and try not to touch him there. One thing I’ve found to be helpful is I try to always put my hand to his snout before putting it anywhere else on him. This lets him know it’s me and I think is a more secure way for him to be approached. I know that’s not teething related, but it’s something you might try. As for teething toys, we bought an infant teething toy (not the water/gel kind) for just a few dollars and then I put a thin layer of peanut butter on it and he chomps away. Watch your fingers if you hold it (we’ve had a few really close calls!), but that is helpful for Oscar even if short term. Others like to feed ice (I’m a little afraid of him choking on ice) or you could try frozen fruit (Oscar likes blueberries) or even coconut oil treats which I’ll link to below. I’ll also link to our toys for mini pigs page because you might have some luck with freezing a Kong with some peanut butter or something similar inside.

      Teething can unfortunately feel like it lasts for a looooong time, but hopefully something in there will help!

      1. When grazing outside, there are several plants they like, but the fibers in the plant irritate their mouths and can cause them to be agitated and aggressive when touching those areas. We discovered this when we took our Tank on vacation.

  3. I have a baby pig named Hope. She is very sweet so far. She’s a potbelly so she is going to get very fat. I dint know they were so smart. She’s already potty trained!!

    1. Hi Gianna! Congrats on getting Hope! Glad things are going well so far, and you’re right that they are super smart. Sometimes a little too smart! 🙂

      1. My Hamilton (he is 3 years old) at 4 months old opened the refrigerator and took a large pizza out and ran into the backyard. Lol at the time we had a 14 year old Belgium shepard, he luckily got part of the pizza. We put a gate lock on the refrigerator. We’ve had to put a strong wooden gate between the living room and kitchen. Hamilton learned at about 6 months how to push threw the metal baby gate. You see my boyfriend owns a landscaping company and Hamilton could smell grass seed in the living room lol. He is my baby and emotional support animal after I miscarried. I love him more than most people!!!

  4. Hello- Im a new mommy to my piglet Olivia and just love her so much. I however do have a concern and keeping fingers gers crossed that you can help me. I have had my pig for 4 days now adlnd she will not eat! I have tried honey on her gums, soaking her food in warm water, adding milk replacer on top and evenjoy just mixing the milk with warm water and still Nothing. She drinks water and goes to the bathroom just fine just won’t eat. I took her to the vet yesterday and the looked her over and said she looked fine. They gave her a shot of antibiotics just in case. I have read that if a pig has no desire to eat then they are probably sicky. I was told to try pumpkin whicheck I’ll get today. I’m feeling lost and worried. I hope you can help. Thank you

    1. Hi Farrah! Hopefully Olivia is eating by now. Oscar ate from day one with us, but your experience is not too uncommon. I think sometimes piglets are a little scared at first in their new homes, so they need to adjust for a few days before wanting to eat. Normally, as you found out from your research, a pig not eating is a bad sign, but it can happen in the beginning where they won’t eat for a few days while they adjust. I’m glad you took her to the vet just in case because that’s what I would have recommended. I hope she’s eating now and you aren’t left still feeling worried. If she still isn’t eating, I would definitely take her back to the vet, but I really hope she’s okay and starting to adjust to home. It sounds like Olivia has a great home with a loving mom!

      1. You will think I’m crazy, but our Tank did the same thing.
        Try just an off brand toasted o’s cereal. That is all ours liked.

      2. We found our our Juliana was not properly withdrawn from mama’s milk and literally did not know how to eat. I mashed up sweet potatoes, carrots or pumpkin to teach her. She is 4 years old now and fat as could be. (She grinds her teeth for a while after she eats- no cure for that!)

        1. Hi so I have an orphaned piglet she has been with us since only a few hours old mama got disturb and kild all the others she is 9 days old I had almost no time to prepare for such a small piglet I already hade 2 big mix breed piglets that wher 4 days old that I was raising du to moma not being with us anymore but since today she has stopped eating she will have a sucel for a second then stop and not want any more she is still active and playful its just I’m worried that she might get weaker if she isn’t feeding she grinds her teeth a lot 2 how would I know if she is stressed or in any kind of pain

  5. Any advice on getting my pig fixed? How is she supposed to go 24 hrs w/out food? Her name is Petunia and she’s 12 weeks.

    1. Hi Lisa! Oscar was neutered when he came home to us, so I haven’t actually been through that process. What I would do is contact an experienced veterinarian to help get answers to your questions about getting her spayed. Don’t be afraid to ask the vet questions like how many pigs have they spayed/neutered and other similar questions so that you feel comfortable before having the procedure done. If you’re still looking for other owners who have been through the process and can help, I recommend going to the “Mini Pig Education” group on Facebook because there are tons of helpful, experienced owners on there. Hope that helps! 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting this information. I have a 5 month old pig. I’ve had him now for a little over a month. He recently started grinding his teeth and it’s usually when he is laying in his bed with all his blankets and toys. I’m taking this as a sign of contentment. Initially I was worried that something was wrong. Although I did quite a bit of research before adding a piglet to the family, I’m still learning every day. Thanks again.

  7. I’m really glad to have found this site! 2 weeks ago we adopted Hank, my love. He is almost 6 months old and just recently started grinding his teeth. I think it’s a cute sound but I also understand he may be in pain. He’s been nibbling small pumpkins and I think it helps.

  8. Hi!
    I have a 3 year old Julian/pot belly pig named Cinnamon. Recently she started grinding her teeth in the early hours of the morning and then it progressed to through the day. It seems like it happens when she is not getting attention. I had her checked by a vet because she was constantly licking the side of her face, then chomping and then grinding. I was concerned about an affected tooth. The vet did a fully sedated exam on her mouth and checked everything else and ruled it as behavioral. I feel terrible because I don’t think it’s a happy behavioral issue. I feel like something is bothering her and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried bringing her outside more often, sleeping with her on the couch, playing with her and her toys, but as soon as I walk away she starts it. I feel like it’s an anxiety issue. Any ideas on how I can help her relax or relieve stress?

    1. I really wish someone would of answered you. I have an 18 month old little guy named buddy. Whom has just started the exact same issues that you described in yours. I too agree it’s not a happy or content thing. Not sure what is going on but as you stated when I’m snuggled to him or playing with him. Ge doesn’t do it, but as soon as I get up he starts and it never ends. It’s a constant thing with him and it gets RATHER annoying at times!

  9. I just adopted my mini Juliana that I have been expecting for 5 months Bebe is super tiny 10 weeks and just under 5lbs I have had her 2 week now and she is adjusting well but she has started to grind her teeth a lot and I think she is in pain from new teeth coming in any suggestions. she is also my certified emotional support animal. Does anyone know what kind of toys they play with I have been unsuccessful in getting her to play.

  10. We have had our little boy chumley for 16 months now and yes it is a learning process for my husband and i!! I read books on mini pigs just to educate myself on proper care and what to expect but until you get one that is when you learn!!!! Love Oscars face what character!!! Now chumley is losing his teeth and it scary but he seems to be fine!! Just wanted to put that out there for future mini pig owners i wouldn’t trade him for nothing!!!!

  11. That sounds more like snacking to me. My hetty grinds hers with with her mouth closed. Like someone said above it’s only when she lays down to sleep. She just started this like a few days ago.

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