Happy New Year from Mini Pig Oscar!

Happy New Year from Oscar and family! It has been an amazing year for us overall. We brought home Oscar in 2015 and have had so much fun getting to know him and enjoying everything that he adds to our lives. Not every day with a mini pig is easy but, along with the challenges, Oscar brings us joy and smiles every day.

Happy New Year from Oscar and Rylee!

We are incredibly grateful to all of our blog friends and readers for your support and for providing encouragement and helpful tips throughout our first year as mini pig parents! I have learned so much about mini pigs this year, partly from experience but also from the advice and support of other mini pig owners.


I have enjoyed the opportunity to share both the ups and downs of life with Oscar and am lucky to have found such wonderful friends in the process. From Oscar and family, Happy New Year! We hope 2016 is your best year yet! 



This is what most of our pictures look like!

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