Mini Pig Oscar Eats His First Orange

Oscar recently turned nine months old, so we celebrated by letting him try a fun, new food. Oscar loves fruit, especially apples and bananas, so I suspected he would also love the flavor and juiciness of oranges. I was really excited to see him try his first orange!


I cut the orange first and then pulled apart some slices for him. If given the opportunity, Oscar will attempt to eat an entire piece of fruit in one bite, so I always cut or slice his food into pieces that I’m comfortable with him gobbling down. This is especially true of new foods because he gets so excited and eats them as quickly as possible.

Here is the video of Oscar eating his first orange to celebrate turning 9 months old. If his smacking noises are any indication, I think he loved it. Happy 9 months, Oscar!

Happy 9 months, Oscar!
Oscar curiously sniffing at the orange before I sliced it for him.
He still has a little orange on his face, but Oscar is a happy boy after trying his first orange.

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