Mini Pig Oscar Eats His First Peach

Mini pig Oscar turned 5 months old this week, so of course he needed a special treat to celebrate. The peaches around here lately have been delicious, so I picked one up for his big day. As cute as it would have been for him to bite into the peach, I cut it up and removed the pit first. Mini pigs can hoover things in the blink of an eye, so I didn’t want to take any chances. Safety first!

It took Oscar a little while to notice the peach since he was busy eating grassOnce he discovered it though, he was determined to get every last bite. At one point, he tried to run off with it in case I got any crazy ideas about wanting to share!

Here is the video of mini pig Oscar eating his very first peach. I sped it up a little since it took him about five minutes to chase the peach down and finally eat it.


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