Mini Pig Oscar Eats His First Thanksgiving Dinner

Oscar loved his first Thanksgiving! He had tons of cuddle time, kisses and rubs from family, and plenty of delicious food. We made Oscar his own special Thanksgiving meal since we didn’t want him to have the salt and sugar in the Thanksgiving dishes prepared for the humans. Instead, he had sweet potato, green beans, and kale salad with carrots and celery. He also got some peanut butter at the end for dessert.

Since Oscar is a messy eater, we got him a special bib to wear for his first Thanksgiving meal. We put his bib on and let him dig in! He loved it!

Watch as Oscar eats his first Thanksgiving dinner.

Between the food, family, and extra cuddle time, Thanksgiving turned out to be one of Oscar’s favorite holidays. He can’t wait until next year!

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