Mini Pig Oscar Thinks It’s His Party

Oscar’s big sister, Rylee, turned 10 years old this past weekend, so we had a party. We couldn’t have the celebration in the house due to Oscar’s recent skin issues, so we took the party outside and let him join in the fun with his siblings. It was so nice to have him be part of the family for a little while.

Liam, Oscar, and Rylee at Rylee’s 10th birthday party.

Rylee is adjusting well to Oscar now that he’s been here for a few months. Liam is still skittish around Oscar and was hesitant to stand next to him in the pictures, but Liam is letting Oscar get closer and closer with time. The more the dogs get used to Oscar, the more progress we seem to make. Hopefully they’ll get to be great friends once Oscar can run around the house with them again.

Here are the pictures from Rylee’s 10th birthday party. It was fun, but I think someone forgot to tell Oscar it wasn’t his party. I think I know who is going to run the house once he gets a little bigger!





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