Mini Pig Oscar’s First Birthday Party!

Oscar is one year old today!


We had so much fun celebrating Oscar’s first birthday! He got to open his gifts, a Bob-A-Lot food and treat dispensing toy, which he’s super excited to try and Meghan Trainor’s new single, No, since he loves tail dancing to her music. More importantly, he got his very own little birthday cake! I found a mini pig “ice cream” birthday cake recipe on the American Mini Pig Association website and decided to give it a try. It’s a frozen cake made of bananas, peanut butter, coconut oil, and oats, and I decorated the cake with Cheerios since Oscar loves them. I divided the recipe and used a jumbo muffin baking pan to make three smaller cakes instead of one large cake, and we put the extra two in the freezer for Oscar to share with Rylee another day. Since Oscar loves peanut butter and bananas, I suspected the cake would be a huge hit. He loved it! He made a huge mess, but he had a ton of fun!

Here is the video of Oscar eating his mini pig “ice cream” birthday cake. He liked it so much that he even cleaned his bib after finishing the cake.

Oscar even had a tail dance party to the new song he got for his birthday, Meghan Trainor’s “No.”



Oscar checking out his birthday present.


Time to open his present!


Yay! It’s a Bob-a-Lot!
Cake time now!
Mini pig “ice cream” birthday cake topped with Cheerios.
Cleaning the rest of the cake off his bib.
Happy birthday, Oscar!

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