Mini Pig Oscar’s Warm and Sunny Weekend

We are right in the middle of winter here, and Oscar is hating the cold, cloudy weather. This past weekend, however, we had a brief break from the cold with sunshine and temperatures up near 60 degrees. Since Oscar has been stuck inside and bored for the past few months, he took full advantage of the beautiful weather and had a blast.


Oscar enjoying the warm, sunny weather over the weekend.

When it’s warm and sunny, Oscar loves nothing more than being outside where he can root around and eat grass. As a pig parent, I love seeing Oscar happily rooting around and just being a pig. Also, when he’s able to root and play outside, he’s a much more content, pleasant pet. I feel confident that we are providing Oscar a loving, comfortable home, but there are times when I worry that he doesn’t get to be enough of a pig. So, watching him roam around outside, following his instincts and his snout through the yard, fills my heart in a different way than our cuddle time.



The weather is supposed to turn cold again this week, so I’m glad Oscar had plenty of time over the weekend to enjoy the sunshine. Since this is Oscar’s first winter, I sometimes wonder what he thinks about how the outside changed on him from warm to cold and how excited he’ll be when spring comes back in a few months.


The first winter with Oscar has been challenging so far, from trying to keep him entertained to behavior issues to sibling rivalry. Despite the frustrations, I am constantly amazed at how much I love this little guy. He can make me crazy and then turn around and warm my heart faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. I think back on our first few months with him and, while he was new and cute and entertaining, it pales in comparison to how much joy he brings me now. There were times along the way when I felt bonded with Oscar and then felt again like he hated me and back and forth, back and forth. Although it has taken a long time, I finally really feel like he’s bonded with us now. He approaches us, hangs out with us, and cuddles with us. It has been a long road to get here, but every challenge has been worth it and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.



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