Mini Pig Training: How to Train Your Mini Pig to Stay

Oscar recently learned how to stay! Many of the tricks Oscar has learned so far are purely for fun, such as circle and shake. I taught him stay for more practical reasons since it can be a life-saving command. For example, if your mini pig is near a busy street or there is an unfriendly animal nearby, being able to have your mini pig stay can avoid a tragic outcome. Even if you never need stay in an emergency situation, it’s also useful for getting your mini pig to sit still for photographs!

Here is a video Oscar and I made on how to train your mini pig to stay.

I highly recommend using a clicker to teach your mini pig to stay. Stay differs from other tricks in that your mini pig isn’t actually doing anything; you just want him to not move. Once you get your mini pig to stand still, clicking will communicate to him that he’s doing what you’re asking. Click while your mini pig is standing still a few times and then start taking steps backward. Eventually, you can go in the other room or out of sight to really challenge your mini pig to stay.

Training your mini pig how to stay is useful, but it’s also fun. Sometimes Oscar tries so hard to get stay right that he freezes his entire body in place, including his snout and his tail. Of course, he doesn’t have to do that to get a treat, but it’s adorable and tells me he knows not to move when told to stay.

If you have any questions while you’re teaching your mini pig to stay, just let me know.

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