Oscar’s Yawn and Stretch Routine

If given the choice, Oscar always prefers to nap while cuddling with one of his humans. When he absolutely must nap alone, he has the most adorable post-nap routine. He starts with a big yawn, decides to get up and then changes his mind several times, and ends with a leg stretch. You can see his post-nap routine in this video:

One thought on “Oscar’s Yawn and Stretch Routine”

  1. I’m in desperate need of help today with our mini pig Gauge. He has always been very skiddish and always try’s to bite I do all of the corrections you have said to try but he is just so hard headed. I don’t know if this is the proper way to tell him no but I spray him with a water bottle like you would do a cat to stop a behavior and so far it has seemed to work however today he is being very aggressive he is attacking my dog and biting her ears while shaking his head at the same time do you know why he may be doing this? Or how I can get him to stop being so dang aggressive

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