Mini Pig Clothes Update: Oscar Has New Clothes

Oscar finally has mini pig clothes to wear! I ended up sewing Oscar some clothes, but I also found a great online mini pig clothing and accessories store if you’re looking for somewhere to buy them. Check out the bottom portion of this post for details.

Oscar modeling his new shirt.

When we first brought Oscar home, I set out to find cute mini pig clothes for him to wear. I searched online but didn’t want to pay a lot since Oscar was growing so quickly. Next I tried dog clothes, but none of them seemed to fit him well. Lastly, I bought an infant t-shirt from the store, but he could barely walk in it. Frustrated that I couldn’t find anything to fit him, I gave up my search for a few months.

Oscar’s first winter is just around the corner and he will have to go outside in the cold since he doesn’t use a potty box, so I was desperate to find clothes to keep him warm. This time I decided to try making him some clothes. I dug out my sewing machine, bought fabric, and went to work.



Oscar and I had fun making mini pig clothes together, although mini piglets are terrible sewing partners. He wiggled around like crazy when I measured him, chewed on my acrylic sewing rulers, walked all over the neatly laid out fabric, and insisted on sitting in my lap the rest of the time. We had a few struggles, but now he has clothes to wear for the winter and they are just his size!

Good thing dogs can’t read. Sorry Rylee!
Oscar’s First Sweater



If you are searching for mini pig clothes and either don’t sew or just don’t have the time to make them, I have also discovered a great online store where you can buy mini pig clothing: Snort Life. Snort Life sells really fun clothing and accessories made specifically for pigs. Since I’ve been sewing clothes for Oscar, I haven’t yet ordered from Snort Life myself and can’t personally vouch for them, but their Etsy store has excellent reviews and a large variety of creative products to choose from.

14 thoughts on “Mini Pig Clothes Update: Oscar Has New Clothes”

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment about your Etsy store, Rooter to the Tooter. I just checked it out and you have some really fun blankets, bandanas, and tutus for pigs! Your items would also make great gifts for anyone who knows a new piggy parent. 🙂

      Love your piggy ChiChi! Sooo cute and I’m guessing a patient model for your creations…haha. 🙂 Hopefully people check out your store so that we can support more pig moms out there trying to make products specifically for our great pigs!

    1. Hi Donna. I have always been home with Oscar during the day, but I do leave him for several hours at a time when I need to. When I’m not with him, I put him in his crate. He’s not litter box trained, so the crate is fine because he doesn’t need access to a litter box when I’m out. The catch is that I have to be back in time to let him outside to potty, and that meant making sure I wasn’t gone for more than a few hours at a time when he was young. Now that he’s older, I can leave him for longer but still try not to be gone for more than 5 hours so that he isn’t stuck in his crate needing to go out. For people who need to be out during the day, a possible solution is making the mini pig a little room from a small bathroom or some place similar, with a crate or bed and a litter box and water, so that there isn’t too much roaming space but enough room for all of his things and some separation between the sleeping space and the litter box. Hope that helps!

      1. I have a basement room mine stays in. She has her bed, food, etc. She has learned to go in the morning, & hold it until we get home ( if not too late) when we’re here, we open the garage door & she can go outside. It took till almost a year old to be able to hold her pee, till then, we used pee pads

        1. I think that’s a perfect setup. That’s probably her favorite room since it’s all hers with her things in it. Thanks for sharing for others to see to help them create a good setup. 🙂

  1. Hi! Do you have the pattern you used to make oscar his clothes? We got a new baby a couple of weeks ago and I’d love to make her some winter shirts! I change measurements of course but would love a guideline! Thanks!

  2. I also would love to know how you made the clothes for your piggy. A pattern or instructions? I am a new piggy mom too.

  3. I received my order today on 12-19-18 and was very unhappy with the product,, The bow was unattached from the material. Also, the bow was discolored with a big white spot on it. Can you contact me about these issues. My last order was good,, but can’t say the same about this order.

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