My Quest for Mini Pig Clothes

I’ll be honest; I like putting clothes on my pets. Rylee has her fair share of outfits, and I like to think she feels pretty when wearing a dress. Well, maybe not, but at least she doesn’t fight me any more and tolerates clothing since it makes me happy.
Rylee in Clothes






So when I got a mini pig, I fully planned on finding fun outfits for him. Except it’s been a much bigger challenge than I expected. First, there isn’t a huge market for mini pig clothes like there is for dog clothes. When I do find clothes made for mini pigs, they are expensive and I don’t want to spend a lot since Oscar is young and will outgrow them quickly.

Second, Oscar is a male which has made my search more difficult. There seem to be more options for female pets in general, and it’s easier to fit a dog dress or skirt on a pig than it is shorts or pants. I could be flexible about this, but we already made Oscar wear Rylee’s old pink harness for a few weeks so I think I’m pushing my luck.

Lastly, mini pigs are oddly uniquely shaped with large heads and short little legs, making it difficult to fit dog clothes on them. I’ve tried putting some of our dog clothes on Oscar, and the fit just doesn’t work because he slides out of them or can’t walk comfortably. Also, to be frank, pigs are built differently than dogs and Oscar can’t use the bathroom in most dog clothes, which means taking the clothes off every time he goes out.

When I gave up on finding dog clothes that fit Oscar, I tried infant clothes. I bought him a cheap infant t-shirt and put it on him. It was a total fail, but Oscar was a good sport about it!

DSCN1759 - Edited for FB

DSCN1753 - Edited for FB

I quickly took the infant t-shirt off of him so that he didn’t injure himself trying to get around in it. My main (and now obvious) lesson from the infant clothes experiment is that pigs can’t wear sleeves. 

My quest for mini pig clothes so far has been a failure, but I’m not going to give up!

Update: Oscar finally has some clothes! I ended up sewing his clothes, but I also found a great online store for mini pig clothes and accessories. Check out the updated post here.