Mini Pig Oscar Discovered the Heat Vent

We are getting closer to Oscar’s first winter, so the temperatures are starting to drop. We recently turned the heat on in our home, and Oscar made one of his best discoveries yet – heat vents! Mini pigs love heat and normally Oscar’s favorite place is the sun spot. He still loves napping in the sun but, in the early mornings or on cloudy days, Oscar can now be found standing in front of the heat vent.


For now, Oscar fits perfectly in front of the vent, so he likes to stand lengthwise in front of it to get the most heat. When he gets too warm, he just turns around or switches angles. The funniest times are when he faces away from the vent to heat up his back side. Mini pigs can be really entertaining, and there’s nothing like a mini pig standing in front of your heat vent happily warming his rear end.

Oscar standing in front of the heat vent to keep warm.
Oscar using the heat vent to warm up his back side.

I’m curious to see how Oscar handles his first winter and the many creative ways he finds to stay warm!


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