Mini Pig Oscar’s New Screaming Noise (with Sound Recording)

When we decided to get a mini pig, we had no idea how loud pigs can be. Mini pigs are noisy pets and adjusting to that has been one of the toughest parts about owning Oscar. If you aren’t sure what types of noises mini pigs make and would like to hear them, check out my previous post about mini pig noises where Oscar was kind enough to provide sound clips.

This past week, Oscar started making a new noise. He started screaming! Here is a video of Oscar’s screaming sound.

Here’s an audio file of Oscar’s screaming if you prefer.

Oscar mostly makes his screaming sound at night before bed. He wanders around screaming while he walks, which is entertaining but also loud and disruptive. I’m not entirely sure why he’s screaming all of a sudden, but my best guess is that he’s simply tired and grumpy. Once he is tucked into his crate, he calms down and goes to sleep.

One thing I’ve learned about Oscar is that he’s just grumpy sometimes. He has definite moods, although his moodiness is less noticeable as he gets older. I used to take his moods personally, but now I’ve learned that they’re just part of his personality. Even though his screaming is new, Oscar has always been fussy after about 8 pm when he’s tired but doesn’t want to go to bed yet. Since we know he can be more difficult to deal with late at night, we don’t stress about his fussiness and just tuck him in early if necessary.

Mini pig noises can be frustrating, but I’m also surprised at how many of them have grown on us. Oscar’s screaming is loud, but it’s hard not to laugh at the strangeness of a little pig walking through the house screaming. There’s something adorable about him being so tired and grumpy that he just screams. We learn more about Oscar every day, and I’m curious to see what new noises he makes in the future!

10 thoughts on “Mini Pig Oscar’s New Screaming Noise (with Sound Recording)”

  1. All three of my piggies do this same bedtime screaming noise around 8pm every night also. It’s so funny and predictable! One of them will start around 8pm and the other two will follow the starting pig around make the same noise. They all get louder and more frequent the later it gets. It seems to be caused by them thinking it’s bedtime and that all (4) of us are supposed to be in my bedroom and tucked into our blankets. They get so upset if I’m still up and around the house and not in my bed where I’m “supposed to be” at bedtime. Little stinkers.

    1. Haha…thanks for sharing that! I thought I was the only one with a crazy, screaming pig before bedtime! I think you’re right on about them thinking it’s bedtime and that everyone is supposed to be in bed because I’m starting to think that with Oscar as well. I know the screaming should bug me, but since it’s only before bed and I’m not worried about waking anyone up, I just let him scream. I also think it’s kind of funny! It cracks me up that one of your pigs starts it and then the other two follow with the same noise…like that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. Thanks for sharing that and letting me know that someone else out there has pigs wandering around and screaming in their house too! 🙂

  2. That sound for my Bandit means he wants attention.. Or it’s bed time and he needs to be put to bed with his midnight snack and his heating pad. I came to this page because Bandit has been doing these short burst of squeaks and soft grunts when he’s on the couch or bed with us before he lies down to rest. Then if I talk he will chime in with some very soft yet high pitched squeaks.. He sounds like a hefty mouse. Lol we don’t understand what he’s trying to communicate.

    1. Haha…they’re such funny communicators. I completely agree about them wanting attention with this sound. Oscar seems to also want to be put to bed when he makes this sound at night. It sounds like Bandit has an awesome setup with his midnight snack and heating pad! I think I know what you mean about the short burst of squeaks and soft grunts because Oscar makes a similar sound. Sometimes I think they get so sleepy that they just make whatever sound they can manage to get out at the time. Oscar’s noises are fairly predictable during the day, but he makes all kinds of strange noises at night when he’s sleepy. I love that we can have little “conversations” with pigs. I love the hefty mouse description because it’s spot on! 🙂

  3. Same as all of you! But Weston only does it sometimes and you can’t console him! He will walk around and even look your right in the eye screaming like he wants attention and then when you do pet him he makes a low grunt “don’t touch me”lol idk what you want! He always cuddle at night but when he’s having a loud fit HE walks away and punishes us by laying in his bed in the other room even tho its not bed time. Yes food drives pigs so my husband had a great idea…its to late to give my baby more food and specially after he’s had treats veggies and dinner. Soooo we give him chopped up ice cubes in a bowl. He loves the crunch, thinks he’s getting food and winning. Stops the fits every time and when he’s done he’s cold and comes to cuddle! But not to much ice!!! ONE cube chopped, you don’t want to give them a brain freeze or make them to cold! Worth a try works for me but also doesn’t mean it will work for your pig. Just wanted to share with all the ppl who commented.

    1. You can also get yogurt and put in ice trays and freeze them .then pop them out put in a container back in the freezer. Or juice . dozer loves that .he gets some when he wants a snack .he’s on a diet . when he gets sleeping he will also start screening and go to the hall way door and bump it with his noise . telling me he wants to go to his room .then he will play for a bit move his blankets and bags around and go right to sleep. They are just like a two year old.

  4. I have a mini, a Juliana named Simon. Years ago i had a Viet pig named Sambo, and he was a delight. Ten years of so many adventures and stories. The cats loved him. So… now i have another baby, and, having raised 4 kids… I look at him, and say to myself…He’s a toddler! a pig is a combination of a puppy and a toddler. When he throws fits, i know he’s Tired… and he needs a Nap! Just like a kid. And that’s the way i treat him… he may complain, but eventually he falls asleep. Frequently i put on calming music for him, esp when i got out for a while. As long as the ‘schedule’ is somewhat dependable, he’s fine with it. Just like a Kid!

  5. Also… when i first got him, a couple months ago (at 2 months), i knew he had never been alone, so he slept with me for a few nights, as my cat also shares my bed. After 3 or 4 nights, i knew this couldn’t last, as he kept waking up and smelling my breath and talking to me. So i got a small crib, and it has worked out so well. He gets to cuddle for a while with me and Guava the cat, and then i pick him up, half asleep, and put him in his bed, which also has…for now… his litter box too, as he can’t hold it thru the night. This is perfect. He is almost entirely box trained, prefers to go out in our yard when he can, and always looks forward to his schedule of … dinner…time to wind down… “go to bed?” and the hour or two of shared cuddles. I am really impressed with how many phrases he understands! Pigs are smart beyond our understanding, and deserve Respect! they are related to Dolphins! the two beings evolved from the Same Ancient Land Mammal!! think about it!

  6. Sounds like your mini pig has trained you. That’s wrong, and needs to be corrected. But r will take sims time and a lot of effort, but it’ll be better for both of you in the end.
    Great idea about ice cubes! Never thought of that! Thanks.

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