Mini Pig Oscar Gets Stuck in His Blanket

Every night when we put Oscar to bed in his crate, he tucks himself in under his blankets. He requires no fewer than two blankets inside his crate and prefers them heated up in the dryer before bedtime. Once he’s settled in with his warm blankets, he burrows underneath them and sleeps soundly¬†until morning.

When it’s time for Oscar to wake up, things get interesting. He usually wakes up, yawns and stretches, and is ready for the day. Every once in a while, though, he is so tangled up in his blankets that he gets stuck. Sometimes he eventually finds his way out, and other times he squeals in panic until we run in and untangle him from his scary blanket trap.

Here is a video of mini pig Oscar waking up and getting stuck in his blanket. He eventually finds his way out, but then he’s grumpy!


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