Mini Pig Oscar’s 6 Month Weigh In

Oscar just turned 6 months old, so it’s time for his height and weight check. Oscar has been mange free for a month, and we can now see how much the mange affected not only his behavior, but also his personality and overall demeanor. He is sweeter, calmer, and more personable without the itchiness and agitation caused by the mange. Oscar mostly enjoys relaxing in the sun spot these days. When the sun is out and he can nap in its warmth, he is a calm, happy, and quiet boy. He occasionally nibbles on the rug or throws short squealing fits, but overall we have been really happy with his behavior.

Oscar tried some exciting new foods last month, his first peach and popsicle. For his training, he learned how to shake and loves showing his new trick off to family when they visit. Even more exciting, he learned to play music on his little keyboard and “wrote” a song for his blog friends!

It has been so much fun watching him grow up over the past few months, and we just love his personality. He is curious, entertaining, and so loving.

At six months, our cuddly little Oscar came in at 12″ tall and 16 pounds.





13 thoughts on “Mini Pig Oscar’s 6 Month Weigh In”

    1. Yeah, he is actually smaller so far than we thought he’d be. I keep waiting for him to hit a growth spurt since I’ll be surprised if he stays under 60 pounds. We upped his food and healthy treats some this month and he’s starting to get a little piggy belly, so I’ll be curious to see how much he weighs a few months from now…haha. ChiChi is so cute! 🙂

        1. He’s a potbellied. We have been so worried about underfeeding or overfeeding him that we’ve kept his food and snacks pretty controlled so far. Aside from his Mazuri mini pig food, he gets small pieces of vegetables and some fruit throughout the day, and we’ll give him salads every once in a while (luckily, he thinks kale is a treat…haha). He grew quite a bit in length and height between month 6 and 7, so we just started upping his food and healthy snacks to make sure he’s getting plenty. He doesn’t get to graze much because I don’t let him go outside alone (we have had a few coyotes around the house lately), so he misses out on a chunk of calories there that a lot of other pigs get. It’s tough on the exercise because, I don’t know about ChiChi, but Oscar just likes to eat grass when he’s out instead of walk or run. 🙂

      1. We have a mini also we call him hammy, he is so sweet, is it normal for him to want to eat all the time.

        1. Hi Lyn! Unfortunately, that’s completely normal. It’s important to just feed Hammy based on nutrition guidelines because he will always want to eat, making it hard to know when he’s had the right amount. This is my favorite post for feeding guidelines, and I check it every once in a while to make sure I’m giving Oscar the correct amount as he grows.

          1. Hi! They do. It’s less of a running for Oscar and more of just orange tear stains, and he’s had them since he was little. I use a warm, damp washcloth and wipe them down every few days (every day would be ideal but I don’t always remember). If you’re noticing a lot more of it all of a sudden, it might be a concern. But, the orange stains are definitely consistent with what we’ve experienced with Oscar. 🙂

  1. How much does oscar weigh now? My lil one is 6 months and is 14 pounds… I’m hoping he stays small… I know there will be growth spurts, so hoping.

  2. Elliot’s eyes run too, I wonder if we could use -Angel Eyes, it’s for dogs and is suppose to work very well.

  3. My little Cleadus is a week shy of 6 months and weighs 15 pounds and measures 9 inches tall.. he may be a little chubby but he does get his excercise

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