Mini Pig Oscar’s Letter to Santa

Oscar’s first Christmas is just a week away! Although Oscar is currently on the naughty list, he wrote a letter to Santa with a list of things he wants just in case Santa changes his mind. We still have daily struggles with Oscar, but he’s had some really sweet moments the past few days to help balance out the tough times. He’s been working really hard to convince Santa to stop by our house next week, so I promised I would share his letter to make sure Santa reads it. Here is Oscar’s letter to Santa.

Oscar writing his Christmas list.

Dear Santa,

I know I haven’t been very nice to my mom, dad, and dog sister for the past few weeks, but I am putting in extra cuddle time and am snuggling in really tight hoping that you’ll change your mind about the naughty list. I know your elves need time to make the gifts, so I wanted to give you my Christmas list in advance. Pretty please let me be on the nice list because I have been good for most of the year. Also, does cuteness count? I really hope you’ll stop by my house and bring me things. I promise to be nicer (even to my dog sister) and understand that you’ll be watching me very closely this week to evaluate my behavior. Do you like to snuggle? Okay, here is my Christmas list.

Love, Oscar





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