Mini Pig Oscar Made Christmas Cookies for Santa

Oscar ended up on Santa’s naughty list recently, but he’s been working really hard to get on the nice list before his first Christmas. Oscar’s behavior has improved in the past few days; he’s been calm, sweet, and pleasant to be around. He is so close to being on Santa’s nice list! In a last big effort to convince Santa to bring him presents, Oscar made homemade cookies to leave for Santa when he arrives on Christmas eve.



Oscar and I put on our holiday aprons and went to work making Christmas cookies for Santa. We made sugar cookies topped with colorful frosting and wrote a special note for Santa to make sure he doesn’t forget Oscar in all of the hustle and bustle of delivering presents.



I think Santa will be overjoyed with Oscar’s letter and list, Christmas cookies, and improved behavior. Oscar is so excited about his first Christmas, and something tells me he’ll have plenty of presents under the tree come Christmas morning.


If you want to make your own cookies for Santa, here is the link to the recipe Oscar used to make his Christmas cookies. These sugar cookies by Minimalist Baker are easy to make and delicious. Please note that these cookies are for Santa and other humans and are not meant for pigs. Oscar didn’t eat any of the cookies or any ingredients due to the sugar content. If you make these or any other Christmas cookies for Santa, please keep them out of reach of your pig for his or her safety. For safer treats for mini pigs, check out this post

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