Mini Pig Training: Oscar Shows Off His Tricks

Oscar has learned so many tricks in the past few months! Although we’ve put together mini pig training videos for each trick, Oscar and I wanted to make a video just for showing off his tricks. I know that seeing the training process and how Oscar learned each trick is interesting to some, but this video is for those who just want to watch Oscar perform what he’s learned.

Here is a video of Oscar showing off the tricks he has learned so far. He circles, sits, shakes, stays, and jumps!

Mini pigs are incredibly smart animals and can learn tricks quickly and with little effort. Additionally, mini pig training is a great way to teach basic obedience to a pig, making her a better pet and companion. It’s also a really fun activity for you and your mini pig, one which helps create trust and a lasting bond. For those reasons, I highly recommend training any mini pig at least a few basic tricks.

To see how Oscar learned any of the tricks in the video, check out the training section on the blog or Oscar’s YouTube channel. If you have questions about mini pig training, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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