Merry Christmas from Mini Pig Oscar!

Oscar’s first Christmas is finally here! After starting out on the naughty list, Oscar worked really hard to get onto Santa’s nice list with his good behavior and creative efforts.  All of his work paid off because Santa even stopped by a little early to drop off Oscar’s Christmas presents!

Watch a video recap of Oscar’s first Christmas and see him try to figure out what to do with his presents.

Although Oscar was very excited about his first Christmas, he was confused about what to do with his presents once they arrived. He sniffed at the wrapping paper but seemed unsure about how to open them. He never quite figured it out, but he finally got his presents anyway.


Merry Christmas from Oscar and family! We are so grateful for all of our blog friends and supporters! It has been such a fun year with Oscar, and we love having people to share both our amazing and more challenging moments with. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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