Mini Pig Oscar Made Santa’s Nice List

With just a few days to spare, Oscar is on Santa’s nice list! He started out on the naughty list after several weeks of snippy, demanding behavior. After working really hard to improve his behavior, writing a letter to Santa, and even making Santa some decorative Christmas cookies, Oscar is finally back on the nice list.

DSC_0636 - Copy
I’m on Santa’s nice list!!

After a tough month with Oscar, we are happy to have our sweet, cuddly boy back. We have been working with him every day on his behavior and have seen some drastic improvements from various techniques. In future posts, I will write about the methods we have used to help stop his more aggressive tendencies.

For now, we are enjoying the holidays with our little Oscar and hoping his behavior continues to improve into the new year. We are so grateful that Oscar is part of our family this Christmas and that we get to enjoy his funny antics and sweet cuddles every day of the year.

As for Oscar, he is just excited for Santa to arrive and bring him presents! Just two more sleeps until his first Christmas! 

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Only two more sleeps until my first Christmas!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so excited about Santa coming for my first Christmas! Thanks for reading and for supporting me! 🙂

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